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Arriving Fall 2016: Spectre FET Mk.II for V2 GB

Airsoft AEG MOSFET - BTC Spectre for V2

The Spectre Mk.II is the most advanced FET yet with double the features of its predecessor including nearly every feature requested by the airsoft community. And for the first time in non-proprietary V2 gearboxes - Bluetooth!

New additions in the Spectre Mk.II:

Innovative Bluetooth interface with Android & iPhone devices
- Quickest and most versatile method of programming AEGs. No more complex trigger inputs or accessing the battery compartment.
- Program your AEG mid-skirmish in literally seconds with no need to bring additional tools or the manual, just a smartphone.
- User-programmable passcode and a shortened signal range prevents any unauthorized setting changes.
- No need to "pre-connect" to the Spectre in the smartphone's settings. Is accessed instantly from within the app.
- Fully certified by the FCC (USA), IC (Canada), CE (Europe), and 日本電波法 (Japan).

Essential app utilities for both users AND professional techs
- Smartphone app reports battery voltage, current draw, and FET temperature. Turn smartphones into a "wireless multimeter" for your AEG.
- Reports timing of shot cycles and RoF to assist technicians in fine-tuning AEGs (eg: motor height) to achieve the best possible cycle rate.
- Diagnostic functions that display which microswitches are pressed in real-time and also what error (low volt, fuse tripped, etc) has occurred.
- Records total number of shots fired since the battery was connected and also for each trigger pull.

Triple fire-mode selector - SAFE fully programmable
- Similiar to the previous Spectre each selector positions can be programmed individually, allowing more than just SEMI-BURST-AUTO.
- Maximum programming flexibility where all three selector positions can have its own fire mode, RoF, precocking, and more.

Largest selection of fire modes for each selector
- Safe
- Semi
- Auto
- Burst [non-interruptible]
- Burst [interruptible] NEW
- Burst/Auto hybrid [burst non-interruptible]
- Burst/Auto hybrid [burst interruptible] NEW
- Semi/Auto hybrid NEW
- Semi/Auto ramping

Both non-interruptable and interruptable burst fire
- Non-interruptable completes a burst even if the trigger is released, whereas interruptable stops mid-burst upon trigger release.
- Until now FETs had only offered one or the other but now you can have both. Also applies to the burst portion of burst/auto hybrid.

Programmable transition delay of all hybrid fire modes
- You can now adjust how long the trigger needs to be held before hybrid mode transitions into full auto.
- Until now FETs only offered fixed delays that did not suit everyone but now you can choose between zero delay or up to 1s delay.

Programmable firing/trigger interval
- Ignores trigger inputs for up to 1s (adjustable) after a semi or burst fire. Helps restrict rapid firing in specialized builds.
- Lower intervals can also help prevent accidental "bump firing" on semi when using a feather trigger.

Hardware-level semi-only lock for regional laws
- Can only be enabled/disabled by using a soldering iron to remove/bridge a solder jumper.
- Conforms to semi-only laws that forbid AEGs with readily accessible means of bypassing semi-only.

Arriving Fall 2013: Spectre FET for V2 GB

Airsoft AEG MOSFET - BTC Spectre for V2
Airsoft AEG MOSFET - BTC Spectre for V2
Airsoft AEG MOSFET - BTC Spectre for V2
Airsoft AEG MOSFET - BTC Spectre for V2
Airsoft AEG MOSFET - BTC Spectre for V2

The Spectre FET is a compact version of the Chimera designed specifically for AEGs with limited or no room for an external FET. Like the Chimera MK.II, the Spectre uses a new form of cycle detection which can easily keep up with extreme RoF (up to 80rd/s) and is more reliable then the previous "cutoff lever detection" method. This new design also allows the cutoff lever to be completely removed, eliminating the most common cause of semi-fire issues in AEGs. Absolutely no modications are required in TM-spec gearboxes, making this a true "drop-in" FET!

The Spectre utilizes FOUR powerful next-generation "DirectFETs": two for driving the motor and two for dynamic braking with a combined current rating of 540A for each pair. Despite its smaller size the Spectre still manages to retain all the features found on the Chimera Mk.II and is even fully compatible with the ASCU hopup sensor for V2 gearboxes.

Arriving Summer 2013: Chimera FET for V2 & V3 GBs

Airsoft AEG MOSFET - BTC Chimera for V2
Airsoft AEG MOSFET - BTC Chimera for V3
Airsoft AEG MOSFET - BTC Chimera for V2
Airsoft AEG MOSFET - BTC Chimera for V2
Airsoft AEG MOSFET - BTC Chimera for V2

The Chimera is not a your typical AEG FET or burst fire controller. Built upon the proven and near-indestructable design of the Extreme-Fire Cheetah/Lion FETs, the Chimera utilizes the most powerful D2PAK-style MOSFETs on the market and is electrically protected by triple 5000W voltage spike suppression diodes. It is also the only AEG controller on the market that lets you program the selector positions independently, allowing you to assign each a different firing mode, rate of fire, and piston precock timing. Just these three settings alone offer over 1000 possible fire mode configurations!

The Chimera also includes features that improve the durability and functionality of a gearbox such as dynamic braking, cycle completion, and a trigger board, all of which reduce the likelihood of gearbox and/or trigger jams.

Since the Chimera's trigger boards are simple to design and manufacture, you can expect it to support more gearboxes over time.

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